Safety & Security

The 2011 Vodacom Challenge provides South African soccer fans with the chance to see world-class football in some of the most modern stadiums in the game.

Orlando Pirates, Kaizer Chiefs and English giants Tottenham Hotspur will battle it out for the coveted pre-season trophy at four venues across the country, providing top-quality entertainment for young and old to enjoy.

And the organisers of the 2011 Vodacom Challenge will be going to great lengths to make sure that spectator safety is guaranteed and that the matches are enjoyed in a family atmosphere.

Nicholls-Steyn and Associates are the official risk management consultants for the event and director Rory Steyn says supporters should take note of a number of factors.

“We encourage fans to get to the stadium early so as to make sure they are able to be in their seats for kick-off,” Steyn says. “It should also be noted that no tickets for the games will be sold at the stadium on match day. Fans must also retain their tickets for the duration of the match and only sit in the seat that is allocated to them as per their ticket.

“Supporters should also make sure they are not carrying anything on the ‘prohibited and restricted items’ list [see below] as this will be confiscated by security personnel.

“This list is drawn up so as to ensure the comfort and safety of everyone attending the matches and we ask that fans adhere to the list so-as not to cause unnecessary delays at the various security checks that will be taking place.

“Past Vodacom Challenge tournaments have been exceptionally well supported and fans have always enjoyed the party atmosphere and we believe that 2011 will be no different as the tournament unfolds at these world-class stadiums, which have been built and modified for spectator comfort.”
All persons entering the stadiums will have both a body and a bag search and no unauthorised items will be allowed into the venue. No match tickets will be sold at the stadium and fans without tickets are discouraged from coming to the stadium precinct.

In order for fans to be fully aware of what is allowed and what is not, organisers have drawn up a list of ‘restricted’ and ‘prohibited’ items. Prohibited items will not be allowed into the stadiums under any circumstances, while some restricted terms can be allowed into the venues under certain conditions.

These lists have been drawn-up based on international best-practices and have been proven to provide spectator-friendly match days in the past.

The following PROHIBITED ITEMS may not be brought into any Vodacom Challenge 2011 Event:

  1. Fire arms;
  2. Ammunition;
  3. Knives;
  4. Any sharp/pointed metal object that can reasonably be considered to be a dangerous weapon;
  5. Any dangerous weapon as contemplated in section 1of the Dangerous Weapons Act 71 of 1968;
  6. Explosives;
  7. Tear gas, gas horns, mace or any dangerous chemical agents as contemplated in section 1 of the Tear-Gas Act 16 of 1964;
  8. Narcotics (other than those prescribed by a registered medical practitioner).
  9. Any form of alcohol. (alcohol may be purchased and consumed in the hospitality areas).


  1. Animals (other than guide dogs);
  2. Any glass or metal (e.g. can) food, beverage or condiment container (excluding perfume, medicines and insect repellent bottles only);
  3. Old South African flags;
  4. Banners of flags whose content can reasonably be considered to be vulgar, racist, sexist, discriminatory, provocative, inciting and/or offensive;
  5. Lasers or similar potentially disruptive light emitting or light reflective/refractive devices or objects;
  6. Fireworks, flares or any similar highly flammable incendiary device or object;
  7. Any device or object that can reasonably be considered to be disruptive or harmful to spectators at VC 2011
  8. Any signs, clothing with enlarged branding or similar items with corporate branding other than official sponsors of the EVENT;
  9. Media equipment of non-accredited media personnel;
  10. Gas braai equipment, portable braai's or similar food heating equipment;
  11. Cool-boxes or cool-bags;
  12. Umbrellas;
  13. Televisions and radios (except small transistor radios with earpieces).

2011 Vodacom Challenge Fixtures

Match Date Kick-Off Venue
Kaizer Chiefs vs Tottenham Hotspur Sat, 16 July 2011 15h00 Peter Mokaba Stadium, Polokwane
Orlando Pirates vs Tottenham Hotspur Tue, 19 July 2011 20h15 Mbombela Stadium, Nelspruit
Kaizer Chiefs vs Orlando Pirates Thu, 21 July 2011 20h15 Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port Elizabeth
Winner 'Derby' vs Tottenham Hotspur Sat, 23 July 2011 15h00 Coca-Cola Park Stadium, Johannesburg

Polokwane Traffic Information

The Polokwane Municipality has announced the following traffic details for the opening match of the 2011 Vodacom Challenge between Kaizer Chiefs and Tottenham Hotspur at the Peter Mokaba Stadium in Polokwane on Saturday.

Routes to be cordoned-off:

  • Suid Street and Burger Street
  • Suid Street and Magasyn Street
  • Webster Street at the traffic circle next to Edupark
  • Magasyn Extension and Webster Street at the circle

Access routes to the parking sites at the stadium complex:

  • Dorp Street via route passing Virgin Active
  • Magasyn Street just before the cordoned off site (traffic circle)
  • Burger Street just before the cordoned off site (traffic circle)

Exit routes from the stadium:

    • Magasyn Street through to either Suid Street or Rabe and Bodenstein Street
    • Burger Street through to either Suid Street or Rabe Street and Bodenstein Street
    • Webster Street
    • Dorp Street and or Voortrekker Street

    Mbombela Park and Ride

    • Fans going to the 2011 Vodacom Challenge match between Orlando Pirates and Tottenham Hotspur at the Mbombela Stadium on Tuesday, July 19 are encouraged to use the Park & Ride facilities laid on by the city.

      There are four pick-up points for fans to use:
    1. The PT Hub in Town
    2. The Show Grounds adjacent to the R40
    3. Riverside Mall
    4. Illanga Mall

    Port Elizabeth Road Closures

    The following roads will be closed from 09h00 on match day, Thursday, July 21:

    1. Stenbonheath Rd / Somers Rd
    2. Lakeview Rd / Smart St
    3. Leyland St / Rhodes St
    4. Leyland St / Innes St
    5. Leyland St / Shephard St
    6. Leyland St / Bagshaw St
    7. Prince Alfred Rd / Quick St

    Coca-Cola Park Parking and Road Closures

    Currey Street will not be opened for spectators. Fans may park at the following venues:

    1. Standard Bank Arena
    2. Coca Cola Park Parkade
    3. Coca Cola VIP areas
    4. Currey Street Pavement
    5. Currey (Technical College)
    6. Tech (Beit Street entrance)
    7. College Upper Ross
    8. JoBurg Stadium
    9. Jo Burg Stadium B Field
    10. Jo Burg Track
    11. Erin Street
    12. 7th and 8th Street
    13. Herb Street
    14. Concorde Building
    15. Cricket Oval

    Both the MetroRail and Bus rapid Transport (BRT) system will be operational as per normal.