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Compact Camera Could Produce Quality Images Similar To DSLR

For you who are a fan of travelling, a camera clearly becomes mandatory items. But the problem is, now there are many types of cameras and sometimes we were confused which one best fit. Even when the trends of DSLR camera is not really off yet, nowadays there are many manufacturers that produce point-and-shoot cameras (or commonly known as a pocket camera) with the image quality that similar with DSLR camera. Although the name suggests a pocket camera, this type of camera is actually more suited called non-interchangeable lens camera for the lens camera of this particular camera cannot be changed. This is to distinguish the SLR camera lens that can be changed.

You could see the best compact camera at http://digitlist.com. Despite its name, a camera pocket, not all compact shape, easy to store in a bag or pocket and some even shaped like SLR cameras, large enough and cannot be stored in a pocket, especially those that have a super long zoom. The advantages of this camera compact shape (except for the type of bridge camera alias SLR cameras like), simple because it is not necessary to mutually lens, and the price is cheaper.