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The smart ways to deal with that one friend who owe you money

Every person must have that one friend. Not the favourite one, instead it’s the one friend that often to borrow your money. Annoying as it’s heard, that kind of friend could make millions of excuses to avoid to pay the debt. It seems that they need to check the http://www.huffingtonpost.com/sam-cohen/how-anik-singal-ideas-hel_b_13006794.html. There are several smart ways to deal with that one friend, and we’re willing to share them with you guys in order to deal with that one guy.

Here are the smart ways to deal with that one friend who often to owe you some money:

1. Don’t hang out with him or her without more friends

If you often to hang out with that one friend, make sure that you’re not going alone with him or her, or you will be asked to pay his or her bills, such as the cafe bills, ticket fee, and much more. If you want to hangout with him or her, bring more friends to tag along. It’s the safer way to hang out with that one friend.

2. Praise them if they’ve bought a new stuff

When he or she has bought a new pair of shoes, a new jacket, or even a new iPhone, you have to praise that one friend of yours. “Wow you’re pretty rich, aren’t you?” This way he or she will remember about the financial debt that he or she had. If it’s not enough, you might want to say, “Nice iPhone, it must has costed you more than $600. So why can’t you pay your $50 debt to me?” It’s a little bit more frontal, but it will likely to move his or her heart to return the borrowed money back to you.

3. Awaken your inner debt collector

There is a hidden debt collector laying dormant in the depth of everyone subconsciousness. You must awaken that hidden talent that resides within your mind. Pursue that one friend to the end of the world if you have to, in order to get your money back. Remember, there is a debt collector in all of us.