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Steps to Check an Electrical Surge

A surge can happen in your home. If this actually happens to you, the best step is to call an electrician prahran that should certainly be skilled in the field he is working. In this way, the electrical error, which is the surge, that happen to your electrical system can be treated and fix properly. However, there are several things that you can do yourself to check the error in the first place and they will be explained in the following.

1. Turn off the MCB / Circuit on your Meter KWH.
2. Turn off the MCB / Circuit on your house electrical installation. Turn off all the existing groups.
3. Turn off all the lights switch there.
4. Unplug all contacts impaled on an existing outlet.
5. Note the cable – the cable that is in plain view. At the time of initial installation, wiring election would have been determined in accordance with the requirements. Climbed onto the roof using a flashlight check the cable is disconnected due to rat bites or other causes the cable to be broken. If you find the cable in a perfect condition, then you can continue with the next step.
5. Turn MCB / KWH Meter Circuit on you, and if MCB keep falling then there is a possibility that one or KWH meter MCB you suffered damage. Then call PLN (Technical Services) 147. If there is no damage in the fall, then, it might be in the other part. If this step is already done then it should not check the wiring or the other let alone touch because an electrical current is already flowing to MCB installation.
6. Turn MCB / Circuit on your house installation. Turn start per group. If there is one group at the time of a short circuit occurs then turned MCB KWH meter will fall. So, if the surge has been detected in the group, it could be that the MCB is the one which is damaged in the group. If all are in the ON position then you can proceed to the next stage.
7. Turn on the switch lights one by one, if the MCB fell then detected no switch or light fittings were broken. You can give this information to the electrical contractor that you hire.
8. Puncture tools that use electricity to the outlet, and if the MCB fell trying to pull and in the “ON” the MCB her again and replace it with another tool. This could prove that there can be damage to the socket or tool you use, such as the refrigerator was broken and so forth.