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Doing business to gain residual income and gain financial freedom

Talking about residual income, where the source of your income? Have you ever heard the opinion of passive or passive income? In this article will discuss my financial residual income. What do you think is meant by residual income? Will you have a residual income? Why would you want to have a residual income? Residual income is income derived from the business. How character, simply residual income is when we stop working, the money kept flowing because there is a system that works raise money for us. Examples of passive income are renting the house, has gas station, rent a vehicle and others. I wonder what the advantage of having a residual income? Of course, a flexibility of time (We do not need to work hard to catch the money, but the money came with their support system) and allows to make free finance (financial freedom).

Just imagine if we residual income is greater than the monthly expenses, would not it? Below is an explanation of the owner of the idea, One of the things that need to be observed when we speak of passive income is residual income SYSTEM. What system? The system is a collection of subsystems (people, machines, money, methods, materials) that work together to meet certain goals. Wah theoretically not it? Easy it is when we want to get a residual income then we need to create a machine that can print money, Kita. The advantage of making the system is we really control our business machine from A – Z. Disadvantage need high competence, supported by a team, the cost is quite expensive and relatively long time. When we bought the system there is a price we have to pay. Whether the system is expensive or cheap. The system generally has a high price is a franchise system. The system generally has a low price is a system of MLM (multi-level marketing or mouth through the mouth) or network marketing. Will discuss my residual income financial details on this system at the next opportunity.