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How to know the existence of fish in the river

If you want to get more fish, in addition to choosing places that exist in the turn, then choose the river bends around the edges filled with trees. Tree growing on the riverbank to make it into a shady location where the fish are at home in a location that is not directly in contact with the sun. In addition, the roots of trees growing on the river banks causing all drifting in the river caught the roots, not least fish food. In the flow of the river is not so heavy, the fish will target anything that passed and is considered as food. You can use the best http://www.mybestbuypro.com/fishing-cart/ for your convenience in fishing. Get it by visiting our website.

River water flowing from place to place resulting shallow streams turned in a whirl. As a result of this vortex in the bottom of the river formed a deep hole locations or trough. River water that brings a variety of materials including food fish also rotates and into the hole. When goods are carried away was spinning, usually, the fish are already waiting to eat it. Fishing in this location should choose to put the bait out of the vortex. The feed we were still hovering perhaps a meal of fish.

Making the bridge downstream where followed by embedding a concrete pillar in the middle of the river the fish seem to be used as a hiding place for food drifting. The water in the river downstream or estuary is a meeting place between the fresh water with sea water. Here we call the brackish water. Not infrequently in brackish water marine fish go into downstream to spawn in a safe location. The concrete bridge piers and this is where most favourite locations in hiding and nesting.

Fallen trees in the river are the hiding place of fish because the river flow is blocked. As a result, the flow behind a tree does not become heavy. Such sites have become a haven fish. In this hideaway sometimes block the prey fish and the food was washed away.