Volunteer Criteria

Basic Requirements:
Ability to speak and read English
Friendly and positive manner
Successful security background check
Agreement to wear the official volunteer uniform
Minimum age of 18 years of age at the time of the event
Availability to work the full duration of days required.
Availability for a one day training seminar
Preference will be given to volunteers that have worked at the FIFA 2010 Soccer World Cup and on Previous Vodacom Challenges.

Background is not important - ability is!


Volunteers will be required to attend training to ensure that they have the necessary skills and information to do their work effectively.

If a volunteer cannot attend the training, they will not be eligible to become a volunteer

Volunteers will be prepared for their roles through a three-part training process:

Event Specific Volunteer Training: This training will help the volunteer to understand the background of the event; who is involved, who is competing, what will be expected from volunteers, Code of Conduct, customer service, etc.

Venue Specific Training: This training will cover the specific venue, its policies and procedures (including health, safety and emergency procedures) and information pertaining to the specific venue.

Job-specific Training: This training will be focused on the specific duties and procedures of the volunteers role.

The purpose of this training is not only to ensure that the volunteers are adequately prepared to deliver excellence at the event but also to provide a foundation of life skills for future development.

Training will take place for the various venues will take place on the following days

Venue Date
Polokwane 15 July
Mbombela 17 July
Nelson Mandela Park 20 July
Coca-Cola Park 22 July

Applications have now closed. We have had an overwhelming response to the volunteer programme and wish to thank those applicants who applied.

Volunteers that are selected for the event will be notified via sms and e mail (if applicable) by Wednesday 29th June.

Job Categories and Descriptions
The list below illustrates the types of job categories and descriptions likely to be used in the Event:

Volunteers will assist the media management team in researching and providing information and otherwise assisting the world’s media covering the event

Information Kiosks:
These volunteers will assist with the running of the information kiosks. They will distribute information the Venue on match days.

VIP Assistants & Welcome party:
These will assist the PR Director with all duties regarding VIP needs.

These volunteers will assist with directing spectators to their seats in the stadiums. They will also assist with queries from spectators.

These volunteers will assist with the accreditation process prior to and during the event, operating computers, issuing accreditation passes etc.

Volunteer administration & support assistants:
These volunteers will assist will ant administration and logistics centered around the programme and the event

Contact Details
Further information may be obtained from Samantha Coppard, or Peter McIntosh, .